At Melia Flowers, we are passionate about turning your floral dreams into reality. Whether it's enhancing an intimate supper club, creating a fairy-tale wedding, adding elegance to a corporate gathering, or designing captivating floral workshops, our experienced team is dedicated to crafting exceptional flower arrangements that leave a lasting impression.

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Our Expertise

Supper Clubs

Elevate your dining experience with our carefully curated floral arrangements for supper clubs. Immerse yourself in the world of floral delights and savor the moments with loved ones.

Wedding & Engagement 

Celebrate love in its purest form with our personalized wedding and engagement floral services. From envisioning your perfect floral theme to executing every detail flawlessly, we'll ensure your special occasion is adorned with captivating beauty.

Corporate Event Displays 
& Giveaways

Leave a lasting impact on your clients and partners with our tailored floral arrangements for corporate events. We strive to create professional yet memorable gatherings that reflect your brand's essence and foster meaningful connections.

Floral Workshops

Inspire, educate, and engage your audience through our thoughtfully designed floral workshops. From skill-building sessions to creative explorations, we'll craft floral experiences that ignite curiosity and add a touch of natural beauty.

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Our Melia Events Team

To begin crafting your extraordinary floral arrangements, get in touch with our dedicated team at +971 50 609 5289. We look forward to bringing your floral vision to life and creating unforgettable moments together.



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